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Is Christian Counseling The Right Decision For Me?

  • Are you feeling defeated in your Christian walk?
  • Have your feelings been overriding the facts lately?
  • Are you feeling lonely even when you are with people?
  • Does life seem wasted or empty?
  • Do you feel far from God?
  • Is family conflict getting you down much of the time?
  • Are you or a loved one overusing or abusing something or someone?
  • Is the distress you or a loved one feels affecting sleep, appetite, job or relationships?
  • Have people noticed changes in you and said something?
  • Are you unable to find answers to your problems on your own?
  • Nothing you have done so far seems to have helped?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions,

Biblically Based Christian Counseling may help.

Most of us experience times when we need help dealing with problems and issues that cause us undue emotional distress. At those times, we look for and want support from friends and family. Yet sometimes we need more. A trained counselor can offer objective and expert help in a safe environment during stressful times helping you explore and understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in the light of God’s Word.

You can arrange an appointment time with us by phone or with an email.

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We are located in the North Kitsap Medical Center, on the corner of Bond Rd and SR 305. Our office is on the lower level of the medical center facing 305.

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